Cataracts (Simka vada) - due ?​?​?

by eagle/deer



second release. mystery release date


released July 20, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Sara Charles



all rights reserved


eagle/deer Boston, Massachusetts

Sara Charles 31 years old. Massachusetts. A deer eats pears off the lawn at dusk. A pond sparkles behind the 300 year old house. There is magic in the air...

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Track Name: White Dove
White Dove, in the deep end
of the summer's swimming pool
Drowned in the lamp light
of a neon fluorescent bulb.

Michael took her wings for a hat
and her beak for an evening stew.
Kids came, and they swept up
and went swimming in the afternoon.

Oh fire, and the he and the he and the I
Oh fire, in the woods in the woods and the pyre
Oh fire, in the heat in the heat of the night
Oh fire, will you tuck me in tight?
Track Name: Rabies
In spaceships I fly around.
Mars keeps me now.
With my telescopic eyes,
I watch Earth from high.

Mind your rabies, your rabies.

Keep your head tied,
And your eyes sewn shut,
and your teeth pulled out,
and mind gone to dirt,
and mind your rabies, your rabies.
Track Name: Silence (teaser)
some silence, silence
some silence, silence
what you'll find yourself in the silence
calling your name la la la la la the silence
Track Name: Through These Hills (teaser)
Come down, Come down.
Through these hills we run.
Through these hills we run.
Track Name: Stray Dogs (teaser)
Come all you stray dogs,
I'll be a mother to the crooked pack.

Kids and all the newborns,
they'll be hid from us as mothers shriek and call the police.

Just you and I,
and the thunder.
We'll have it all,
to plunder.